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Mapfre Insurance Recycling Event This Saturday!

This Saturday, September 17th, Accurate IT Services is co-sponsoring an electronics recycling and paper shredding day at Mapfre Insurance from 10am to 2pm at 3590 Twin Creeks Drive right off of Wilson Rd. in Columbus, OH. Accurate IT Services will be accepting all electronics, including computers, monitors, printers, VCRs, and cell phones just to name a few. All electronics, except televisions, will be recycled free of charge! Because of high costs associated with TV recycling, there will be a flat $15 fee per TV. Our friends at Columbus Paper Shredding will also be there accepting all documents you need securely destroyed free of charge. So come out to Mapfre Insurance between 10am and 2pm and recycle your electronics responsibly with Accurate IT!

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Locally Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

For four years, Accurate IT Services has been servicing the Central Ohio region with all their electronics recycling, asset recovery, and data destruction needs. And why not? We are a Columbus company minority owned and veteran operated who employs Columbus residents. As our business grows alongside a booming e-waste market, we would like to continue to serve our dedicated customers throughout Columbus and the region with free pickups, payment for electronic equipment, and guaranteed asset recovery and data destruction.

In addition, we have the capacity to reach across Ohio, servicing companies from Cleveland and Toledo to Cincinnati and Athens and everywhere in between. We regularly hold e-waste recycling drives throughout Ohio, servicing and putting money back into communities that have no other outlet for electronics. Furthermore, we now offer a zero-landfill box program for residential and business customers nationwide. Check out our “Services” page for more information.

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Recycling Event in Columbus Ohio

Recycling Event in Columbus Ohio

On Saturday,September 17th, Accurate IT Services and Columbus Paper Shredding Company will team up with Mapfre Insurance and Columbus ABC6/FOX 28 for an e-waste and paper shredding drive. This event will take place at Mapfre’s Columbus, OH location at 3590 Twin Creeks Drive from 10am till 2pm. Accurate IT Services will be accepting all electronics; there is a TV recycling fee of $15 but all other e-waste is free.

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Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention Recognizes Accurate IT Recycling Services in Marion

Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention Recognizes Accurate IT Recycling Services in Marion

Marion County Recycles Electronic Waste

-Over 19,000 lbs collected

Marion collaborated with local businesses to collect more than 19,480 pounds of electronic waste at its event on June 11. The Marion County Recycling & Litter Prevention Office partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings, Perkins Family Restaurant, Accurate IT, City of Marion, Marion County Commissioners, Marion County Council on Aging, and Servex Electronics to assist in this collection event.201120Marion20Recycling20Sign

"This is the first ever TV collection in the county. More and more recycling centers and landfills are refusing to take televisions because they are a hazard and expensive to safely process." - Angela Carbetta, Recycling Coordinator for Marion County Recycling & Litter Prevention

This electronics drop off event was open to businesses and schools instead of just residents. Accurate IT Recycling Services of Columbus collected all types of electronics for free, except for televisions. Because of the costs of processing, there was a $15 recycling fee for TVs.

Participants received food coupons from Buffalo Wild Wings and Perkins and a chance to enter a drawing for a flat-screen television from Servex Electronics.

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Federal Legislation on E-Waste Recycling

Federal Legislation on E-Waste Recycling

Recently, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act of 2011 was introduced with bi-partisan support in both the U.S. House and Senate. In short, the bill would make it illegal to send toxic e-waste to developing nations. Toxic e-waste includes, among others, waste Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), waste batteries, and items containing mercury. These materials are essentially the “Focus Materials” defined in the Responsible Recycling (R2) standard developed by the EPA.

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Lack of Ohio E-Waste Regulations

Lack of Ohio E-Waste Regulations

Many states have recently developed regulations stating that certain non-working and obsolete electronic products must be treated as hazardous waste if intended for disposal. However, Ohio is not one of those states. As of 2008, ten states have state legislation regarding the disposal of e-waste. Furthermore, obsolete electronics that contain Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and mercury are considered hazardous waste under federal regulations. However, these regulations do not apply to “small quantity generators” like household sources of electronics. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to throw electronic waste in the trash in most states.

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Recycling with us pays!

Recycling with us pays!

The slogan plastered across our website, truck, and business cards is a testament to our unique practice within our field. While most electronics recycling companies charge for their services, we offer ours free of charge to businesses, schools, and other organizations. In addition, the public is free to drop off all electronics, excluding CRT monitors and televisions, for no charge. More importantly, we are sometimes even able to pay the customer for remarket able equipment! Here at Accurate IT Services we attempt to find the value in all of our customers’ e-waste goods to maximize their asset return.

So how does this work, you ask? At Accurate IT Services, we will do an on-site value assessment of electronic equipment to determine its “remarketability.” We base our assessment on the age, condition, and specifications of the product. For instance, if a product is within four years of age, in good condition, and has remarketable specifications, there will most certainly be a payout. We base our payout scale on the remarket value of the product and provide the customer with a percentage of that, much like secondhand clothing stores or consignment shops.

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An Update on Accurate IT Services Recycling Certifications

An Update on Accurate IT Services Recycling Certifications

As you may have already noticed, there are two very distinct logos at the bottom of our website. These logos indicate the certifications we are reaching for. Though we are not certified yet, all development, implementation, and maintenance of R2 and ISO 14001 standards are in effect throughout our operation. The final stage in our certification process is the Stage 2 Audit, which is scheduled for early August.

First, the ISO 14001 standard deals with the development, implementation, and maintenance of an Environmental Management System (EMS). This EMS allows the company to strive for the continual improvement of its operation and its footprint on the environment. This is primarily done through the establishment of objectives, targets, and their subsequent environmental management programs.

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Marion County's first TV drop-off a success

Marion County's first TV drop-off a success

MARION - Organizers of the first Marion County recycling collection to allow televisions didn't know what to expect before Saturday.

They quickly discovered it would be a success when they saw a line of vehicles waiting an hour before they opened in front of Buffalo Wild Wings and didn't see the line slow down throughout the afternoon.

Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention partnered with the city and Accurate IT Recycling Services of Columbus to collect all types of electronics including computers and televisions. MCRLP Director Angie Carbetta said it was the first time a collection in the county accepted televisions, widely not accepted because they are a hazard and expensive to process.

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Collection event in Marion will take TVs; electronics from schools and businesses! Saturday June 11th

MARION - An electronics drop off Saturday will be the first opportunity for a television collection in the county and is open to businesses and schools instead of just residents.
Accurate IT Recycling Services of Columbus is collecting all types of electronics, free for every device except televisions.
Because of the costs of processing, there is a $15 recycling fee for TVs.
Mayor Scott Schertzer connected with the Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention to get the collection organized, he said.
"Recycling is not mandatory, but generally people think it's a good thing to do," he said.
He was looking to get more people to participate in curbside recycling, and the idea blossomed out of that with investigation into the city's recycling program, Schertzer said.
Most drop offs where electronics are accepted are restricted to residential services. This one will be open to all kinds of businesses and schools.
"It's a good thing for everybody when we recycle," he said.

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The City of Marion and Accurate IT Services Have Teamed Up For A Recycling Event!

Drop off cameras, computers and components, keyboards, monitors, radios, DVD and VCR players, fax machines, copiers, televisions, cell phones, speakers, switches, cables, mice, wireless equipment, games systems and more. There will be a $15 recycling fee for televisions, and all other electronic processing is free. Residential and business waste accepted. Call (740)223-4120 for senior pick-up services.

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Accurate IT Services Partners with PowerCo Credit Union for Recycling Drive - 6/6/2011

This past Saturday, Accurate IT Services held a recycling drive alongside Columbus Paper Shredding Company at PowerCo Credit Union in Gahanna, OH. PowerCo Credit Union’s first annual Eco Drive not only focused on the electronics and paper recycling, but on the idea of banking itself, offering residents an alternative form of banking.

Accurate IT Services recycled approximately 1200 lbs. of electronic equipment, serving 84 cars in just three hours! Among these electronics was everything from computers to stereo equipment.

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July Commemorative Blow Out Sale!

On June 1st, 2011 Accurate IT Services launched its new website to refocus  the company on technology recycling. Accurate IT has hple1901wbeen an online retail industry trend setter for years in addition to our professional IT Service division. We are now ready to offer our in-house electronics recycling which has been grown to handle bulk processing for new corporate clients and community services. To celebrate the launch of our new website, Accurate IT is having our largest sale to date!


Accurate IT Services already offers the best prices on LCDs, PCs, laptops, on the Internet. Now, we are beating our own prices to commemorate the new website. Whether you need a LCD monitor, a professional grade CRT,  desktop or laptop, we have the right price for you.

Check out for full pricing on our inventory.

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Accurate IT Services Launches New Web Site!

Late May Early June, Accurate IT Services will launch its new web site. The web site is devoted not only to our retail division, but offers an in-depth look at our electronics recycling and network support services.

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