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Accurate IT Recycles for Ohio Schools

Accurate IT Recycles for Ohio Schools

As winter vacation approaches, many schools are looking to do some essential retirement of IT assets without the obstruction of daily school activities. Winter break provides schools with ample time to gather, organize, and recycle their out-of-date IT scrap.

Accurate IT Services, Ohio’s premier electronics recycler, doesn’t take breaks for winter. We are here to assist Ohio schools in every step of the process. We offer on-site pickups, rain [or snow] or shine, usually within one to two days of your request. We will send out a team of professional experienced employees to assist in the removal of any and all electronics for recycling; from carrying your e-waste from that dark storage closet in the basement to our trucks, with your equipment receiving white-glove treatment all along the way.

When Ohio’s schools recycle with Accurate IT, they not only receive an itemized Certificate of Recycling and Destruction, but the best customer service we have to offer right along with it. We are here to serve Ohio’s schools and strive to put money back into the hands of schools across Ohio through fundraising e-waste drives to providing payouts for retired IT assets.

So, as winter approaches, let Accurate IT Services recycle your school’s electronics. We’ll work with you every step of the way and put money back into the hands of your school. Please visit for more information about how Accurate IT Services can help recycle your school’s e-waste.

Visit for more information on Accurate IT Services’ Electronics Recycling Program and for more information on Accurate IT Services’ dedication to reusing electronics.

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