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Data Security in an Information-Rich Age

Data Security in an Information-Rich Age

In today’s society, important personal information like credit card accounts, social security numbers, and private data has become easily exploitable by those who fail to recognize the importance of data security. When taking an old storage device to your local neighborhood electronics recycler, you should ask certain questions to ensure that your information will be destroyed securely and responsibly.

Ask questions like: What happens to my IT Scrap? What does your company do to protect my data? Are you authorized to accept data sensitive electronics for recycling? Is you company R2 certified? The R2 certification is awarded to those electronics recyclers that follow the voluntary Responsible Recycling standard developed by the EPA. Not only does this standard focus on the importance of accountable e-waste recycling, but it ensures customers that their data is being destroyed securely though the scrutiny placed on the recycler’s data destruction processes.

Specifically, the standard focuses on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication 800-88 – Guidelines for Media Sanitization. These guidelines outline the necessary steps that should be taken to ensure proper data destruction. First, there is the physical destruction of hard drives, rendering the information completely unobtainable. Second, there is degaussing, which involves the use of heavy magnets which wipe data and render the device inoperable. Finally, there is wiping of storage devices, where all information is completely destroyed internally when using the appropriate software. R2-certified companies use Department of Defense software which uses their 5220.22-M Disk Erasure Standards.

Make sure to ask the tough questions about electronics recycling. At our Columbus Ohio computer recycling facility we have the answers to your questions. Accurate IT Services is dedicated to providing the best and most secure methods of data destruction for our customers. In our e-waste recycling process, we pay special attention to the proper destruction of data. We destroy hard drives through physical destruction and/or data erasure using DoD-approved software. At Accurate IT, we believe that our customers’ private information should remain private forever.

Visit or for more information on one of Ohio’s leading e-waste recyclers and how to drop off equipment at our Columbus, OH location or schedule a pickup for your electronics recycling.

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