Older and obsolete computers and electronics

Why Recycle?

In today’s society, newer electronic equipment is being developed by the minute. But what happens with the old equipment? For the most part, electronics are thrown to the curb alongside regular garbage or stored in basements 3and garages for years. This older and obsolete equipment is quickly becoming part of the waste stream and most of the materials do not biodegrade.

More importantly, U.S. recyclers and watchdog groups like Basel Action Network estimate that 50 percent or more of the United States' used computers, cellphones and TVs sent to recyclers are shipped overseas for recycling to places like Taizhou, China or Lagos, Nigeria, as permitted by federal law. But much of this obsolete equipment ends up as toxic waste, with hazardous components exposed, burned, or allowed to degrade in landfills.



E-waste Recycling is Important

Entire computers can be recycled, from the glass in the monitor, to the plastic case, copper in the power supply, and the precious metals used in circuitry; Accurate IT Services can process every aspect of old technology safely. 2Many computers can be refurbished and marketed too. For instance, some vocational schools use old PCs to teach electronic repair and analysis techniques. Even broken parts can be smelted down and reused, keeping viable materials active.

So, it’s easy to see why e-waste recycling is necessary. The use of recycled materials recovered from electronics to manufacture new products sustains the earth’s natural resources by helping eliminate electronics waste (e-waste). At the same time, electronics recycling conserves impressive amounts of energy in the manufacturing process, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from those facilities. Furthermore, it keeps hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury out of our environment!


What can we do for you?

With our responsible and cost effective asset management and disposal options, Accurate IT Services is perfect for companies committed to green solutions for their retired IT equipment. Our inventory assessment process can 1quickly resell viable IT equipment and, in many cases, payout up front. We can take care of all shipping arrangements, processing, sale, and redeployment of your equipment, keeping your hands free.

Giving your equipment away can result in your assets ending up in landfills, causing EPA involvement. Instead, having Accurate IT remove e-waste will keep you safe legally and potentially allow you to recoup disposal fees. Our onsite services can package, remove, and process retired units. We can even install new equipment. Accurate IT guarantees complete data security and asset tag removal, while following proper recycling EPA requirements and R2 standards.

Quit being punished with high costs for responsibly disposing your company's old technology! Call Accurate IT and see how you can make money instead of wasting it!


Recycling with us pays!

Accurate IT Services’ credo is to focus on the reuse of product as much as possible in order to lessen the consumption of natural resources needed to recycle. Unlike most companies in our industry, we are at times able to compensate the customer for their remarketable equipment. This service allows the customer to properly recycle their electronic equipment and receive payment for it! WMoneyFallinge pay for elligeable equipment based on its age, specifications, and condition*.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading to that new system, don’t put the old one away in storage. Call us for a pickup or bring your equipment in and really make money instead of wasting it!

*Accurate IT Services’ Recycling Return is based on the manufacturer’s date of the equipment. Equipment for reimbursement must be in fully functional condition. Market value and functionality is assessed by Accurate IT Services. In some cases, equipment will be considered to have no market value and will be recycled. Some limitations apply.

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Accurate IT Services offers free drop off your old non mercury technology. Accurate IT pays you for most remarketable technology.

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