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The weather is just right?

The weather is just right?

 I have lived in Ohio most of my life and cannot recall a time when the weather has been so sporadic. Moving to Columbus from the Cleveland area came with a vast improving on the weather conditions. I explain northern Ohio weather with terms like lake effect, and snow storms, and extreme cold. So far this year I believe that I have witnessed the strangest weather of my 33 years. Some days are warm and some cold. I believe that every Ohioan can agree that this winter season only strengthens our claim for the strangest weather in the United States.

I feel like I can accomplish a lot more with the warm days that Mother Nature has provided us. I encourage all people to take advantage of the nice days and clean out their garages, basements, and offices. Bring your unwanted e-waste and electronics to Accurate IT Services. We are here and ready to accept your IT scrap rain, sleet, snow, or shine. Most of your old computer equipment can be reused, and should never end up in Ohio landfills. Recycle your IT scrap responsibly with an R2 certified and ISO 14001 certified recycler.

I can honestly say that I just cleaned out my basement this past weekend and brought in an old LCD, power cable, VGA cable, keyboard, mouse, and a couple of electronic children’s toys to Accurate IT's recycling facility. I encourage you to do the same.

I am not only the COO; I am also a client and a responsible recycler.

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