Why Recycle Electronics?
  • Certified Electronics Recycler

    Certified Electronics Recycler

    Standards and Certifications EPA’s voluntary Responsible recycling (R2) certification is Read More
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    What can we do for you?

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  • Why Recycle Electronics?

    Why Recycle Electronics?

    In today’s society, newer electronic equipment is being developed by… Read More
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Why Recycle Electronics?

In today’s society, newer electronic equipment is being developed by the minute. But what happens with the old equipment? For the most part, electronics are thrown to the curb alongside regular garbage or stored in basements 3and garages for years. This older and obsolete equipment is quickly becoming part of the waste stream and most of the materials do not biodegrade.

More importantly, U.S. recyclers and watchdog groups like Basel Action Network estimate that 50 percent or more of the United States' used computers, cellphones and TVs sent to recyclers are shipped overseas for recycling to places like Taizhou, China or Lagos, Nigeria, as permitted by federal law. But much of this obsolete equipment ends up as toxic waste, with hazardous components exposed, burned, or allowed to degrade in landfills.


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For over ten years Accurate IT Services has been at the forefront of Internet retail with our value priced LCD monitors, laptops, computers, and professional grade CRT monitors.

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Accurate IT Services offers free drop off your old non mercury technology. Accurate IT pays you for most remarketable technology.

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